Anna-Marie Forshee Selected as a 2021 Rising Star

Moorhead Real Estate Law Group is pleased to announce that Anna-Marie Forshee has been selected as a 2021 Rising Star by Inweekly Magazine. Thank you, Anna-Marie for your hard work and your dedication to building a better community.

To read the full Inweekly article about Anna-Marie, and all the other Rising Stars, you can check out the 2021 Rising Stars edition here. 


“In 2008, we created Rising Stars to recognize those young leaders seen by their peers, clients, and bosses as up-and-coming leaders in their fields and the community. The program has been a source of pride for this newspaper as many of them have moved on to further success and become major influencers in our community, region, and state.

Every January, we select 64 men and women from a field of over 200 nominations from various professions—including medical, legal, accounting, arts, education, public service, and business. Skeptics told us that we would run out of worthy honorees in a couple of years, but the list of nominations has grown steadily.

With the Rising Stars class of 2021, Inweekly has recognized 769 up-and-coming leaders since the program’s inception. This class, like its predecessors, will be difference makers. We look forward to seeing their contributions.” – Inweekly Rising Stars