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Your mother recently passed away and she left quite a few things behind including assets and liabilities. Unfortunately, the descendants really have no clue what to do in terms of how to divvy up the things that were left behind. You also can’t figure out how to transfer the items he left behind to the people he specified in the will. Not only that but what about the creditors, those she owes money to. How will they get paid and why should you even have to worry about that? When questions are left unanswered, our Pace probate lawyer can answer them. You won’t have to go through probate alone.

This is what you need to know. Your mom has left behind an estate which is simply assets and property and in order to divide up the estate, it will need to undergo what’s called the probate process. So your mother, who is the decedent that has passed, left a valid will, and at this time, that will must go through the probate process in the court.

This has to happen so that the ownership of the probate asset can be transferred to the decedent’s beneficiaries. Let’s say the decedent had no will. Well, probate is still necessary to pass ownership of the things she left to those people who are entitled. Under Florida law, the probate process is done in order to identify and gather all the assets of your mother, pay for her debts, and distribute the remainder to the beneficiaries. The first thing that needs to take place is the use of the assets to pay off the probate proceedings, then it will be used to wipe any outstanding debts. At that point, the remainder goes to the heirs and beneficiaries.

Is it possible that a probate lawyer can really help?

When you hire an experienced Pace probate lawyer, they will be capable of navigating the probate process and assist you in collecting and disbursing assets and property from a deceased individual. We will be able to:

  • Resolve income tax issues
  • Help you with your bills and debt
  • Fight legal claims to protect your estate
  • Get appraisals for the descendant’s property
  • Keep creditors from taking what is not theirs

The Benefits of Being the Executor

When you are the executor for a deceased person, you have to understand that most of your personal interests are on the line. If you happen to make a mistake it could result in large losses for the beneficiaries. You may have disgruntled heirs trying to sue you but an attorney can help you make sound decisions that highly reduce the risk of mistakes and loss of assets in regards to the estate. At the point when you are the executor for an individual who has recently passed, you need to comprehend that the vast majority of your own interests are on the line especially if you happen to make some errors that could bring about huge misfortunes for the recipients of the estate. You may have beneficiaries that are not too happy and may attempt to sue you. With a Pace probate lawyer, we can assist you with settling on reasonable choices that profoundly decrease the danger of these mistakes and loss of benefits concerning the estate or will.

Utilizing a Skilled Pace Probate Lawyer

At Moorhead Law Group, we can help to simplify the probate process in its entirety. We don’t lack the experience needed and would be here to relieve the stress and anxiety that can come with handling a deceased’s estate. We provide as much help as you need, whether you’re the would-be heir, the executor, or the one wanting to contest the will. Contact us today!