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Why You Need an Experienced Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate Law Attorney

Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate LawyerHere in Santa Rosa Beach and Walton County, we are the quintessential beach destination, with people flocking here each year. Once discovering our area, many choose to settle down and live here, bringing businesses and their own sense of culture and community.

Because buying a home or commercial piece of real estate is one of the largest investments of a lifetime, don’t leave it to chance. Purchasing or leasing real estate can be a complex process requiring knowledge of local and state real estate laws, negotiation, and compromise. Let the skilled Santa Rosa Beach FL real estate law attorneys at Moorhead Law Group help guide your transaction from contract to closing.

What Does a Real Estate Law Attorney Do?

While many rely solely on their real estate agents to advise them through a purchase or sale transaction, real estate agents have limited legal knowledge. An agent’s job is to facilitate the transaction, but they cannot dispense legal advice. Having an experienced Santa Rosa FL real estate attorney can help save time, money and avoid any potential legal liability.

At Moorhead Law Group, we assist clients in the following ways:

  • Help guide contract negotiations — One of the primary ways a real estate lawyer can assist is by helping you determine a fair price for the purchase, sale, or commercial space lease you are transacting. A skilled real estate attorney will advise you on what the property should be worth, whether it is in your budget, and help negotiate the price to your advantage.
  • Ensure correct and unclouded title transfer — The way a property is deeded is important in its legal ownership context as well as its limitations. Having an experienced attorney look over or draft all deeds or arrange for title review and insurance can significantly impact the way you are holding title to the property, your legal obligations under its terms, or discovering any clouds on the property that could affect you.
  • Provide document drafting and review — Your real estate attorney will draft or review your contract, commercial lease, closing statement, deed, title insurance documents, seller disclosures, and any other documents to ensure your rights are being considered and the timeline is correct for all processes to take place within the state’s legal requirements.
  • Provide financing review — When a buyer requires mortgage financing for a residential or commercial sale, a good attorney can review and explain the terms and details of the financing and intercede on the buyer’s behalf.
  • Facilitate commercial purchases or leases — A buyer or tenant of commercial property has many things to consider, including local, state, and federal zoning requirements, environmental issues, building types, lease agreement terms, and other issues. A skilled real estate attorney can guide and advise a buyer or tenant about all potential issues or address any liability concerns.
  • Advise out-of-state buyers or sellers — Every state has its own laws, regulations, and requirements for real estate transactions and those from out of town or outside of the state may not be aware of them. Using a local Santa Rosa Beach real estate lawyer ensures that all local and state requirements are considered.
  • Guide buyers in foreclosures and short sales — Bank-owned or directed sales have different processes and requirements that usually protect the bank but not necessarily the buyer. Having the advice and guidance of a skilled local real estate attorney will ensure that the price is fairly negotiated and the title is clear for a bank-owned property.

Is It Worth Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Florida?

Transacting a piece of real estate, whether residential, investment, or commercial lease, is a significant investment of time and money. Having an experienced Santa Rosa Beach real estate law attorney on your side ensures that your legal rights are protected and mistakes that can cost money and future legal liability are not made.

At Moorhead Law Group, we diligently represent buyers, sellers, and tenants of real estate by:

  • Examining all documents’ terms and conditions
  • Ensuring the accuracy of all documentation
  • Warning buyers, sellers, and tenants of potential issues
  • Ensuring deadlines are met
  • Ensuring that title is free and clear of encumbrances
  • Issuing title insurance policies for both buyers and lenders
  • Avoiding potential problems at closing and working to solve known issues as soon as possible.
  • Avidly advocating for our clients in litigation procedures

Finding the Best Lawyer For Your Needs

If you are purchasing, selling, or leasing residential or commercial real estate in Santa Rosa Beach or the surrounding areas, you want an attorney with vast local experience with many types of real estate transactions and issues.

Contact a Santa Rosa Beach FL Real Estate Law Attorney Today for Legal Guidance

With over 30 years of local real estate law experience, our team of skilled Santa Rosa Beach FL real estate law attorneys at Moorhead Law Group make sure that your transaction documents are thoroughly reviewed and handled correctly the first time, and your legal rights and obligations are fully and legally considered. We can conduct closing transactions in-house or at your closing establishment’s place of business. We are also an approved agent for many title insurance companies, including First American Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title, and Westcor Title.

If you need real estate legal assistance, call the experienced Santa Rosa Beach real estate lawyers at the Moorhead Law Group at (850) 608-0112 or contact us online.