Experienced Real Estate Contract Attorneys in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate Contracts AttorneyWhat do you think happens during a real estate transaction? Besides all the obvious work, it initially starts with signing an official real estate contract. The contract establishes the obligations and rights of both parties involved in the process (the buyer and seller of the property). It is a critical document that, after being signed, becomes the primary aspect of your real estate transaction. Our Santa Rosa Beach real estate contracts attorneys can help with looking this over with you.

What Does A Real Estate Contract Include?

A real estate contract will set forth the following terms:

  • The identity information of the seller and buyer of the real estate
  • The final purchase price of the real estate
  • The closing date
  • The kind of deed the seller should provide
  • What fixtures and appliances will be included

Besides these, there are a few more terms that a real estate contract could include. These are:

  • The right of a buyer to perform an inspection
  • The obligations of the seller to make any repairs required
  • The quality of the title the seller should provide

Understanding a real estate contract can be challenging for an average individual. That is why both parties in the sale need to hire a professional attorney.

In the property buying process, the buyer and the seller can protect all their legal rights by having a Santa Rosa Beach real estate contracts attorney. An attorney can also advise you on your duties and obligations. Once the real estate contract becomes finalized, the buyer and the seller will be bound by their contract terms. Without a skilled attorney, you may regret whether or not the terms of the contract were what you intended.

Importance of Having a Real Estate Attorney on Your Side

As soon as you enter a real estate transaction, an agent will present you with an official contract that may look like it’s already set in stone. However, many real estate buyers don’t know that they still have the power to negotiate several aspects of the contract. Hence, it would be best to first speak with a seasoned Santa Rosa Beach real estate contracts attorney before you sign the dotted line.

Even though we have already discussed all the critical things that a real estate contract generally includes, some terms and sections often require a professional with real estate experience to notice and explain the meaning of complicated real estate jargon.

You must understand that no real estate contract is just a typical form. It is a complicated document that could impose liabilities and burdens on the parties.

Keep Your Interests Protected

The seller and the buyer will have opposite interests and may want different things from their contract. A real estate seller will look for a higher purchase price, want to free themselves of any liabilities, and will not want to pay for repairs or improvements to the real estate before closing. A seller or buyer who wishes to understand their rights must always consult an attorney because it’s illegal for a real estate agent to offer you any legal advice.

Similarly, a buyer will want to pay a lower price, like the property seller’s promise about the real estate’s condition, and would like the seller to pay for improvements or repairs before closing. This is why a professional Santa Rosa Beach property damage claims lawyer can be a saving grace to help you avoid any complications and reach terms that you are satisfied with.

Ensure You Contact Moorhead Law Group Before Making A Real Estate Deal

Before you sign on the dotted lines, we suggest you call Moorhead Law Group to have a knowledgeable and competent Santa Rosa Beach real estate contracts attorney review the final copy of your real estate contract. Our attorneys can help you spot and fix any points of concern in your agreement in no time. If you’ve already signed your contract, our team can still look at your contract to check if any conditions haven’t been met. Call us to speak with our professionals right away!