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Community Association Lawyer Santa Rosa Beach, FLThe majority of Florida residents live in condos, cooperatives, or subdivisions, which are all managed by community associations. Residents who serve on the boards of these groups must traverse a wide range of complicated federal, state, and local regulations, as well as paperwork that is particular to their community. This area of Real Estate Law can be confusing and complex. When you need experienced legal guidance, reach out to a Santa Rosa Beach Community Associations Attorney at Moorhead Law Group.

An expert community association attorney with experience dealing with the many issues that community associations face should be part of that team. Board members must assemble and use an informed team of experts to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities to all of the homeowners in the community.

Moorhead Law Group represents condominium, cooperative, and homeowners’ organizations across Florida, assisting them with a variety of areas of community associations.

Florida Community Associations

In Florida, including Walton County, several communities and neighborhoods choose to join homeowner or property associations. This includes lawn upkeep and neighborhood security, as well as other activities in which the neighborhood decides to participate. The Moorhead Law Group can assist with the formation of homeowner and property associations, as well as the resolution of any issues that may arise.

Community Associations Issues in Florida

Community association law has become a highly specialized area, with ever-changing responsibilities for those who give their time to assist their communities. Board members have been bombarded with not just the governance papers, but also the numerous rules and regulations established under federal and state law.

Community associations are required to carry out their responsibilities in the best interests of their members, in line with the community association’s governing documents as well as applicable statute and administrative law. As a result, a community association needs to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to recognizing issues that affect the community and its members.

Dues and Assessment Collection/Foreclosures

Moorhead Law Group attorneys have expertise collecting dues and assessments from community associations in Florida, as well as foreclosures. We are well-versed in Florida State and community associations, and we make certain that all legal safeguards are taken to collect community association debts.

Organizational Document Preparation/Interpretation

The Santa Rosa Beach Probate Attorneys and Community Association Lawyers at Moorhead Law Group can assist you with the creation and interpretation of organizational papers relating to community associations. We’ll make certain that all documents are properly produced and interpreted so that you have a complete understanding of the community association guidelines in Florida.

Community associations Litigation

Our Community association litigation team in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, is ready to assist your community association if it has no other option than to go to court to resolve a legal issue. Community associations are represented by Moorhead Law Group in all areas of community association litigation. This covers assessment, recovery, legal enforcement, stay orders, breach of fiduciary responsibility claims, construction fault issues, violation of contracts among other things. Sadly, there are always individuals who do not pay their assessments, which is a problem for many community associations. Nonpayment can be due to a variety of factors, ranging from a lack of money to a complete reluctance to fulfill communal responsibilities.

Most Association boards will do everything possible to recover past-due dues, including levying late penalties and even removing membership privileges. If the board decides to take additional action, such as filing a lawsuit or putting a lien on the property, it will require the assistance of experienced community association attorneys who understand how to operate within the governing documents’ boundaries.  Moorhead Law group uses tried and tested legal procedures to assist in the collection of unpaid fees and to wield legal instruments that allow the community to function in financial strength.

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The representation of association boards of directors, officials, and individual members is part of our community association law firm expertise. Our firm’s broad and diverse representation helps us to understand the entire spectrum of difficulties that organizations and people dealing with condominium and community-based legal concerns confront. Our condominium and community association litigation attorneys are also ready to discuss and assist with any associated legal proceedings if a dispute arises. Contact us today at (850) 608-0112 or fill out our convenient online form. We’re here to help!