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Santa Rosa Beach HOA LawyerHomeowner Associations (HOAs) are typically formed for the benefit of the residents of a townhouse, condominium, or any other planned community or planned development. The Homeowners Association may enforce the rules and regulations of the community, which can lead to this benefit feeling like an obligation.

The governing board of HOA is generally made up of volunteers from within the community who are ready to do their best to interpret the rules. However, they are not always successful. To help board members with such enforcement and interpretation tasks and to help resolve legal disputes with or affecting individual residents, the HOA may retain a professional Santa Rosa Beach tenant disputes lawyer.

The HOA may also hire a professional attorney to prepare legal documents or help negotiate or resolve disputes with an outside party, such as contractors or vendors.

A Professional Attorney Can Help Draft HOA Founding And Governing Documents

Whenever a Homeowners Association is formed, several legal documents must be drafted to comply with the state laws and to help set solid guidelines for any ongoing operations and management of the community. The most critical of these are the HOA’s article of the corporation, covenants, bylaws, conditions and restrictions, and perhaps less formal regulations and rules.

Most of these will be lengthy, setting out rules and guidelines for everything from how many members will serve the board to how the association must run all meetings. The bylaws must also state how to amend the rules if the board or residents feel they can’t live with a particular rule anymore.

It’s critical to have these documents drafted by a professional Santa Rosa Beach condominium and HOA lawyer, given the HOA and all homeowners will be bound by them, looking for guidance in any future situations that no one anticipated.

Attorneys Can Represent Homeowners’ Interests

There are times when a construction defect is discovered long after the development of a neighborhood is completed. Depending on the timing and several other factors, the developer must remain liable for such defects and other necessary repairs.

There are cases when the builder or developer recognizes their mistakes and takes action without any pressure from an attorney. However, if they disagree, the HOA should hire a Santa Rosa Beach condominium and HOA lawyer to help take legal action against the developer.

Consulting Ongoing Management Issues

The Homeowners association governing documents are generally written in English so everyone can fully understand their meaning. Nevertheless, there are situations where an HOA member needs a professional opinion, especially if it involves allegations of unlawful behavior like discrimination or a dispute with the homeowner.

An experienced Santa Rosa Beach condominium and HOA lawyer can help you decipher the language of all relevant documents and explain the homeowner’s association’s obligation under federal and state law.
In some rare cases, homeowners are taken advantage of by their associations or attorneys. If your HOA is not acting in your best interest, you can take legal action and hire your attorney from Moorhead Law Group.

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