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Santa Rosa Beach Tenant Disputes LawyerThere can be times when a landlord and their tenants may argue over issues related to noise violations, rent, lease, and inadequate maintenance of the property. In most cases, the landlord and tenants often reach a common ground alone. However, suppose you can’t resolve the dispute amicably. In that case, a professional Santa Rosa beach tenant disputes lawyer may have to intervene to prevent the problem from escalating and ensure that you, as a renter, are protected.

What Are Tenant Rights?

Tenants have their legal rights, and a professional lawyer may be of great help when they are violated. By fully understanding all your legal rights as a tenant, you may be able to prevent being taken advantage of by the landlord. Contact a Santa Rosa beach tenant disputes lawyer if you experience any of the following:

Entering Your Premises

Without any warning, a landlord can’t enter a tenant’s rental unit without giving an advanced warning unless it is an absolute emergency. The tenant should be given a notice of visit at least 24 hours which mentions the time and date that the landlord will be visiting the property along with a legit reason for their visit. Moreover, it is illegal for a landlord to enter the property outside regular business hours. If the landlord sends a notice for a visit via e-mail, the landlord should also account for the time it takes to process the e-mail.

Unlawful Discrimination

A landlord, by law, can’t reject your rental application or rent your property as a way to harass or discriminate due to your religion, race, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, or disability. It’s also illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent their property because a family has young kids unless they plan on renting a location in a senior citizen housing department.

The Property Isn’t Habitable

It’s the property owner’s responsibility to ensure their property is habitable. If any damage occurred to the property that the tenant was not responsible for, the landlord could not legally charge them for the repairs. The property is not habitable if the windows and doors are broken, the property is not correctly waterproofed, the gas lines are damaged or not working, the plumbing does not function properly, or if rodents, waste, or vermin occupy the building and grounds.

These are only a few signs that suggest a rental property is inhabitable. It would be best if you speak with a Santa Rosa beach tenant disputes lawyer if you feel like your real estate property falls under this category.
Several laws help protect tenants from their landlords trying to take advantage of them. Before your landlord tries to evict you or collect any funds you’re not obligated to pay, you must immediately contact a professional lawyer from Moorhead Law Group! Our team will work with you to help you better understand all your legal rights as a tenant.

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