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Real Estate TransactionWhether you’re looking to purchase a new home or find the right property for an extensive multi-use development, a skilled legal advocate can protect your finances and your future throughout the transaction process. Real estate transactions come with a unique range of legal challenges. Our team of real estate transaction lawyers has extensive experience in virtually all aspects of the transactional practice. Our Pensacola Real Estate Transaction Lawyers can assist with the acquisition, financing, and disposition of all forms of real property. The types of transactions we have handled or assisted with include: the purchase, sale, and financing of the following types of real property: retail shopping centers, apartment complexes and other multi-family developments, commercial, residential and mixed-use condominiums, properties used for public-private partnerships, and industrial properties.

An experienced Pensacola real estate transaction attorney at Moorhead Law Group can handle all aspects of transactions, including the acquisition of parcels of land for development, review, and issuance of title insurance commitments and policies, review of surveys, consulting with environmental professionals for environmental due diligence, financing, land use and zoning matters, development and management agreements, public-private partnerships, permitting, community association documents, sales, and leasing. Additionally, as part of our unified and comprehensive approach to client service, our real estate transaction lawyers work closely with transactional lawyers throughout the firm to provide real estate assistance in connection with acquisitions and dispositions of corporate assets involving real estate.

Our Real Estate Transaction Lawyers Routinely Handle:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements – the “script’ of the transaction, we review purchase and sale agreements on behalf of buyers and sellers. Getting this initial document correct is essential to having a solid start to a real estate transaction. We encourage our clients to get us involved as quickly as possible so we can head off any initial issues.
  • Title Review and Insurance – as a purchaser or lender, you have to know what it is you are purchasing or taking as collateral. A review of title or a title insurance commitment is essential for this purpose. The “devil is in the details” with regard to title. The seller/borrower may own the property but it may be subject to easements, restrictions or reservations which affect the use intended. The review and understanding of these title documents take an attorney experienced in handling real estate transactions.
  • Survey review – typically, title insurance commitments and policies contain an exception for matters disclosed by an accurate survey. This requires a careful review of the survey to ensure that there are no additional title issues raised by it.
  • Environmental due diligence – nowhere is due diligence more important than in the context of environmental liabilities. State and Federal laws establish strict liability upon owners/former owners of property contaminated by environmental hazards. Our attorneys regularly work with environmental consultants to assist you in assessing the risks regarding your particular parcel of real estate.
  • Loan documents – lender financing in Pensacola and throughout Florida involves notes, mortgages, security agreements, UCC-1 Financing Statements, Assignments of Rents and Leases and a host of other documents. Our team represents both lenders and borrowers involved in real estate financing, have handled financings involving more than $100,000,000 and routinely handle financings involving $10 Million or more. We are happy to provide all of our clients with the type of experience and service required by institutions in multi-million dollar transactions.

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Our clients include real estate holding companies, developers, manufacturers, lending institutions, retailers, as well as emerging local entrepreneurs in Pensacola, and our mix of seasoned partners and experienced associates make it possible to service both national and local real estate clients with cost-effective, experienced attention and service.To speak with an experienced Pensacola real estate attorney at Moorhead Law Group, please contact our downtown Pensacola office at (850) 202-8522 or tell us about your needs online.