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Title ClaimsWhen you are in the process of selling your property, the last thing you expect is to have an issue with your title. The ownership of real estate is based on the documents in the “chain of title” rather than a title document. The chain of title is a phrase used to describe all of the documents that affect a property’s ownership. A “cloud” in the chain of title is a term used to indicate a title issue. A cloud can significantly impact real estate transactions for property owners by bringing a halt to closing. Your case should be handled by the top law professionals in the real estate industry. Reach out to a Pensacola Title Claims Attorney right away to further assist you with your case.

An experienced Pensacola Real Estate Lawyer can make sure your closing process goes as smoothly as possible. The title claims attorneys at Moorhead Law Group have been handling complex real estate and insurance cases in Pensacola, Destin, Northwest Florida, and Alabama for over three decades and can advise you on what to do next.

Title Clouds

Title clouds take on many different forms. A few examples are:

  • A mortgage in a prior transaction was not satisfied or released;
  • Lien or encumbrance such as a construction lien or municipal lien is outstanding;
  • There is an error in a prior deed;
  • The proper person did not sign a prior deed;
  • An easement impacts the property in a way that affects the intended use of the property;
  • Restrictive covenants impact the property in a way that affects the property’s intended use; and
  • Real estate taxes are outstanding.

Therefore, it is important to work with a Pensacola Title Claims Attorney that can identify all of the issues and fix the problems.

Title issues tend to surface when real property is being sold and they can delay or jeopardize the sale of the property. Property owners may not know what to do. Our firm is the first line of defense. We have years of experience handling title claims, and we know what steps to take to get your title fixed. This may include making a claim to fix the issues or filing a quiet title suit. Often a few phone calls with the title underwriter that is providing the title commitment can resolve the issue. Sometimes, a prior title policy insured over the cloud. That could result in a three-way negotiation with the prior title insurance company and the current title company. But, also, sometimes, there is not an easy fix and a quiet title suit or other litigation has to be filed in order to resolve the issue.

Led by board-certified attorney Stephen Moorhead, the lawyers at Moorhead Law Group have extensive experience handling title issues in Florida and know how to fix the most complex title problems. We have prosecuted title claims on behalf of title companies and as retained counsel for title companies. We have also brought claims by owners against the title companies. When the title cannot be fixed, a financial settlement is in order. Our title insurance attorneys are here to assist Pensacola, Destin, Northwest Florida, and Alabama residents in getting a fair settlement.

Title Issues Can Affect Property Owners And Title Insurance Companies

We represent both property owners and title insurance companies. Our knowledge of working on both sides of title claim issues gives us a unique perspective that helps us understand what it takes to analyze and fix your title issue.

Trust Our Attorneys at Moorhead Law Group For Title Claims

Our Pensacola Title Claims Attorney will help you in receiving compensation for the losses resulting from a defect in the title of your property and from invalid mortgage liens against it. To speak with an experienced title insurance lawyer at Moorhead Law Group, please call our office at (850) 205-8522 or tell us about your needs online.