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Title InsuranceWhen buying a piece of real estate, how do you know what you are buying or whether you are buying it from the person who actually owns it? The same goes for those loaning money on a real estate deal and taking a mortgage as collateral. You can obtain a title search, but the liability of the typical title search is limited by statute. As a result, the title insurance industry was developed. Title companies do a great job of ensuring the interests of buyers and lenders. Institutional lenders will always require a title insurance policy to reduce their risks. The question often arises as to whether the lender’s title policy covers the owner. The simple answer is that it doesn’t, because the coverages are different. For a lender to have a claim under a title policy, it would first have to have a loss. Losses don’t occur unless the borrower defaults. Owner’s policies, on the other hand, ensure that title to the property is marketable. Our Pensacola Title Insurance Lawyers know how to help you.

Title policies are subject to limitations and exclusions. Also, there are additional coverages that you may need. But, since title insurance is heavily regulated in Florida, you have to know what they are, when they apply and whether they are appropriate in a given situation. This is what we do. You can work with a title insurance attorney from Moorhead Law Group who understands these policies and can advise you on what is covered and what isn’t.

We also handle title insurance claims. We have prosecuted title insurance claims and defended such claims, representing some of the world’s largest title companies in the process. We understand the policies and can assist in obtaining a fair settlement. If litigation is required, whether to prosecute a title claim or defend one, our team of experienced litigators can handle that as well.

Work with Clear Title – the best of both worlds!

The Moorhead Law Group’s sister company is Clear Title of Northwest Florida, LLC. Clear Title is a Florida licensed title insurance agency with three locations in the greater Pensacola area. Clear Title generally handles only residential closings. This gives clients and customers the best of both worlds: the convenience, speed, and efficiency of a title insurance agency and the expertise of a law firm’s real estate department including a Board Certified Pensacola Real Estate Attorney. Title insurance protects your property and investment so it is essential to work with a title insurance company you trust.

Whether Moorhead Law Group or Clear Title is handling your transaction, we operate as title issuing agents of some of the largest title insurance underwriters in the world! Our team understands the importance of communicating effectively with all of the parties and having closing documents done accurately and in a timely manner. We have years of experience with closings, and we strive to make sure your real estate transaction goes smoothly.

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Protect yourself against financial losses from the invalidity of mortgage loans or the unenforceability thereof. Choose today, our Pensacola Title Insurance Lawyers, to represent you when you’re faced with these difficult situations. For more information about the services we have to offer, feel free to contact our offices in downtown Pensacola at (850) 202-8522 or contact us online and we will be in touch as soon as possible.