Real Estate Litigation Attorney, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate Litigation LawyerReal estate purchases and the sale can often result in intricate legal battles that jeopardize the value of the property. At Moorhead Law Group, our Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate Litigation Lawyers assist clients in real estate litigation and disputes arising from complex transactions, land use, and environmental concerns.

We represent clients in disputes regarding the purchase and sale of buildings and building portfolios, first offer and first refusal rights, condemnation, regulatory aspects of real estate development and land use, complex commercial landlord-tenant disagreements, financing document conflicts, and all types of complicated real estate litigation matters.

Real Estate Litigation Areas We Cover

The following are some of the most common areas that need to be catered to in real estate litigation.

  • Disputes over Real Estate Contracts

A contract is the foundation of every real estate transaction. To be enforceable in the state of Florida, a real estate contract must be in writing. Contract conflicts between sellers and buyers are common. These issues are handled by a real estate litigation attorney. A struggle over a purchase, deposit money, which sellers try to keep when the buyer fails to close, is common in real estate disputes. These disagreements might lead to fundamental disagreements over who broke the contract.

That is why it is critical to write contracts correctly so that you are protected if something goes wrong. Mastering the fundamentals of contract law is advantageous. Only when the offer terms are openly accepted and consideration is returned in exchange for the other party’s commitment is the real estate contract binding.

  • Real Estate Litigation for Construction Disputes

Construction defects can create damage or interruptions that might cost you a lot of money, whether you’re a construction company, a property owner, or a developer. Our law firm is skilled in digging deep into these issues to identify the person (or parties) responsible for the delays or flaws, as well as holding them liable for any costs you suffer. To learn more about how our attorneys tackle real estate construction litigation, please contact us.

  • Tenant-Landlord Conflicts

If you own or manage rental property, you must comply with several regulations that address a variety of legal concerns. We can take care of it for you and allow you to concentrate on operating your business. Property owners that rent or lease their residential, commercial, or industrial property are represented by our attorneys. Among the services we provide are:

  • Examining, drafting, and amending leases
  • Keeping clients informed about legal problems that affect property owners
  • Taking care of evictions and property damage
  • Assuring that the eviction procedure is carried out appropriately and quickly.

Specific performance Litigation

It is typical for purchasers in Florida’s real estate market to back out of their home purchases, even just before closing. Unfortunately, these defaulting purchasers aren’t going to give you a good explanation. Even if an attorney is present, they are not allowed to terminate a contract.

This can be a problem for investors, especially foreign ones, who may find it difficult to maintain their accounts from afar. The good news is that a real estate contract includes a remedy for the buyer’s specific performance to complete contracts obligations. Our real estate attorneys in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, can go through solutions in further depth to assist you in any such matters.

Contact our Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Effectively litigating a real estate case in the state of Florida necessitates an attorney who is not only well-versed in the real estate laws governing the disputed transactions and procedures, but also has the desire to pursue the opposing party vigorously.

By examining your situation and offering you an honest evaluation, our real estate litigation attorneys at Moorhead Law Group in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, can assist you in determining the best course of action. Our legal professionals are also skilled Santa Rosa Beach probate attorneys and have a wealth of experience related to all phases of real estate law. Contact us today by calling (850) 608-0112 or fill out our convenient online contact form.