The Moor You Know Episode 4 | Probate

From Moorhead:

Probate: What It Is and How You May Avoid It

Moorhead Law Group Attorney, Madison Leonard, gives us an overview of probate in Florida in her video, “Probate: What It Is and How You May Avoid It.” Probate is the court-supervised process where a deceased person’s property, assets, and debts are identified, as well as their heirs or beneficiaries. It can be expensive and time-consuming. Madison spells out ways that probate may be avoided in Florida as well as what NOT to do to avoid it. She explains the following:

  • Joint ownership with rights of survivorship;
  • Beneficiary accounts;
  • Enhanced Life Estate Deeds (a/k/a Lady Bird deeds); and
  • Living trusts.

The three minutes you spend watching Madison’s video will certainly leave you better informed about probate in Florida.